Garbage Truck ‘o Death

A garbage truck with a giant saw blade on the front
Time to take out the trash

This garbage truck is actually an off-brand model I found in a Target; it’s about the right size for Gaslands (1/64) and came apart easily so I could rip the plastic windows out and install the mesh in the windows.

I scavenged a few things from around the house for other parts: the blades on the wheels are the backs of snaps you can pick up at a fabric store like JoAnne’s, and the toothed saw blade on the front is a picture hanger (the kind you’d nail on the back of a picture frame). The original model just had two prongs in front, like a garbage truck would use to lift a dumpster.

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but I really tried to rough up the body of the truck, as though it was covered with slime and old trash. I drybrushed on several colors of green and brown but the purple body color makes the other colors super-hard to see.

Once Gaslands: Time Extended 3 hits, I plan on playing this truck as a Heavy Truck-class vehicle!